Rose Glow Face Oil (30ml)

Rose Glow Face Oil (30ml)

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Benefits of Rose Glow Face Oil:

This lightweight face oil is perfect for all skin types. It is amazing for blackheads, hyper-pigmentation, acnes, uneven skin tone and finally gives your face that perfect glow.


Apply a small amount two to three drops on to clean, dry face twice a day. Can be used under makeup.

This ALL-NATURAL face oil is made with 100% all organic oils, such as: 

  • Grape-seed Oil - Excellent for treating oily or acne prone skin and also helps even out your skin tone.
  • Olive oil - Contains strong antioxidants, making it a natural anti-aging ingredient.
  • Vitamin E oil - Excellent for skin repair and also, great for skin repair and glow.
  • Rosehip oil - A natural occurring form of vitamin A that is perfect for preventing and getting rid of wrinkles. 
  • Argan oil - Works as a natural antioxidants.
  • Sweet almond oil - Excellent skin moisturizer and helps to soothe inflammation.
  • Avocado oil - Contains vitamin C which accelerates skin repair and also prevent sunburns.

And slowly infused with Organic Egyptian Roses.


Beware of Allergies!!